We serve you, so you can serve those who depend on you. Greater Sacramento’s institutional facilities count on APS Environmental to help keep their wastewater systems running at peak efficiency, so they concentrate on serving their markets with professional care and attention. You can depend on APS Environmental to keep your campus or facilities operating …

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Keeping You Online As The Basis of a Healthy Regional Economy Greater Sacramento has come a long way from the no-holds-barred gold mining boom that was our area’s first real industry. Unregulated clear-cutting of forests and questionable water practices have long since given way to an industrial base that respects our natural environment, as well …

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With APS, You’re Never Alone. Scores of large and small municipalities make up the Greater Sacramento metro region. Each of them has it’s own particular challenges in serving the governmental and public service needs of it’s businesses and residents. One challenge they all have in common is keeping their communities’ portable water. storm and sanitary …

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You’ve Got A Friend In The Pipeline and Vacuum Business. APS Environmental is true friend to business in the greater Sacramento area. We help keep your wastewater systems running at peak efficiency, and help you remain environmentally compliant, allowing you to concentrate on optimum productivity and profitability. We service a variety of businesses, and specialize …

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When you need septic system help, call a friendly neighbor. No one likes to think about wastewater and sewer systems, but they’re important parts of keeping our homes clean, safe and functioning properly. APS Environmental helps to keep yours clean and operating at peak efficiency so they can can stay out of sight and out …

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About Us

You Need It, We’ve Got It!  APS Environmental technicians carry several products in their vehicles to help our customers better maintain their wastewater and storm water systems. We’re very selective about the products we use, and endorse only those we have used ourselves and which have proven to achieve the results they promise. System additives …

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