APS Environmental, Inc. Celebrates 12 Years In Business!

It was a beautiful, Sunday morning on April 6, 2003. Bryan Hage, President of APS Environmental, Inc. (APS), sat relaxing with his family when he received his first call to pump and clean a septic tank at approximately 9:30 a.m.

Bryan relied on the help of his father to this point and didn’t have experience locating or pumping a septic tank alone yet. With nerves in a bundle and gear in hand, our trusty President headed to the customers site, uneasy and excited to conduct his first job in business.

Naturally, the job was not simple! Bryan excavated, by hand, in the customer’s yard for six, grueling hours attempting to locate the customer’s septic tank. Finally, after locating the tank, he stood back to observe the destruction, which now looked like the trenches from WWII.

Fortunately, Bryan learned an immediate lesson regarding the importance, effectiveness, and process of “locating” that has been passed to each employee with APS. Finally, he could pump the tank. Bryan and his father, Steve Hage, Vice President of APS, ingeniously constructed a roll-off, vacuum tank for a truck. Bryan described it as “a giant coke can on top of a car”. Though, he was proud of their first unit and ability to operate as an independent business.

Bryan stretched to pull the 4” hose from the truck, difficult to reach due to the lift on the truck. In fact, the customer had to help. Bryan confidently approached the tank. After all, he had experience with his father since 1989; however, with a much smaller pump and a 2” hose. Unfortunately, the new and improved, 4” hose and high-pressure pump whipped Bryan around and man-handled him like a rag doll. Bryan remembers “feeling like a cartoon character at the end of a fire hose”.

Freshly married, only 4 ½ months, Bryan spent every dime he had on the “coke can on wheels”. 12 years later, APS has expanded its fleet, serviced thousands of customers, and work with a wonderful group of employees.

APS has been fortunate to expand services in the septic, grease, car-wash, stormwater, CCTV, and jetting services for commercial and residential customers alike. APS Environmental, Inc. is proud of where it stands, the families, and the customers that are part of it. A special thanks to all of our customers and employees that have made our success possible over the past 12 years!