Car Wash

APS Environmental, Inc. services a wide range of car washes in the Northern California and Nevada regions. We specialize in servicing complete underground water collection systems such as

  • Sand/oil separators
  • Clarifiers
  • Troughs
  • Catch basins
  • Reclamation systems
  • And much more

With newly implemented environmental regulations concerning runoff and more being considered all the time, it’s imperative that you take proper measures toward the maintenance of your car wash.

Sand/oil separators are designed to prevent mud, sand, oil, and debris from flowing into the storm sewer, polluting our clean waterways. Lack of proper, timely maintenance allows debris to build up in the tank and lines. This creates a backup, causing costly downtime losses and – worse yet – overflow that will get you cited for environmental infractions.

Foreign matter in water reclamation systems can produce a foul odor if not pumped out periodically. Because these systems are underground, the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality often takes over. But in the long run, not pumping can really cost you.

Most counties perform annual inspections to ensure proper measures are taken to comply with regulations. You may know when inspectors will arrive, but what if they show up unannounced, and that telltale odor is wafting up from your reclamation tank?

APS Environmental, Inc. partners with our clients to help keep you compliant by

  • Proactively keeping you informed about the latest regulatory changes
  • Providing thorough cleaning with a record of work performed
  • Working with you to plan preventive maintenance schedules that make sense for your individual business

Our experienced professionals will help design a plan that best fits your needs, from CCTV video inspections, pumping and pressure-washing, to hydro-jetting and minor repairs. We’ll even clean your onsite stormwater collection systems while we’re there.

We offer

  • Multiple-site discounts to save you money
  • Preventive maintenance to minimize emergency calls
  • After-hours service to prevent having to take systems offline during production
  • Load manifest verification to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid citations
  • Free estimates to help you stay on budget, on time and risk-free