Wastewater Bulk Hauling

When we’re called to a job, we typically end up with wastewater of some sort — usually construction site storm water, winery or other processing plant byproducts or residential septage — that must be disposed of.

You can have peace of mind using us for your wastewater hauling needs, because we’re

  • Equipped for the job: We have four pumper/tanker trucks that can handle thousands of gallons
  • Environmentally responsible: We dispose of wastewater safely, in our own local permitted treatment plant. Farther away, we use a list of disposal sites authorized by the state.
  • Regulation compliant: We perform standard heavy metals and tests for invisible solids content, and can also do hydrocarbon sampling.
  • Safe: Our crews always wear protective gear, and we’re affiliated with the California Wastewater Environmental Agency (CWEA) and the National Assn. of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), through which we receive municipal training and testing for certification on technical expertise.
  • Professional: Uniformed personnel, trained in professional practices, driving well-maintained trucks