Keeping You Online As The Basis of a Healthy Regional Economy

Greater Sacramento has come a long way from the no-holds-barred gold mining boom that was our area’s first real industry. Unregulated clear-cutting of forests and questionable water practices have long since given way to an industrial base that respects our natural environment, as well as all those who use and enjoy it.

APS Environmental helps our industrial clients serve this area efficiently and cost-effectively, while remaining compliant with industrial and environmental regulations. We are familiar with and understand your particular water conveyance system, dry vacuum loading and sensitive excavation needs:

  • Agricultural growers – Irrigation pipelines, produce processing systems, graywater systems, wastewater management
  • Manufacturers – Production line processes, graywater systems, furnace/blast ovens/heating system fly ask removal
  • Utilities – Holding and storage tank cleaning, pipeline inspection and root removal, hydro excavation around crowded buried assets
  • Processing plants – Mixing and rendering vat cleanouts, plant floor liquid waste, burner cleanouts
  • Refineries – Stormwater system pipeline cleaning, power generation system conveyance cleanouts, holding and storage tank ultra high pressure cleaning
  • And so much more

So next time you run into a wastewater or storm water management issue, or any related obstacle that threatens your productivity, call or emails APS Environmental. We understand that lost productivity means a bite out of your bottom line, and we’ve got the experience, knowledge and skill it takes to get you back online as soon as possible.