With APS, You’re Never Alone.

Scores of large and small municipalities make up the Greater Sacramento metro region. Each of them has it’s own particular challenges in serving the governmental and public service needs of it’s businesses and residents. One challenge they all have in common is keeping their communities’ portable water. storm and sanitary sewer systems functional, efficient ans compliant with environmental protection regulations. And that’s where we come in.

With more that 40 years in this business, we’ve learned a thing or two…and we’re happy to share the benefit of our long experience, knowledge base and ongoing training with our municipal clients. That’s why we’ve become the proven “go-to-guys” in northern California, when cities and towns run into tough water conveyance system issues.

APS Environmental is more than just a contractor providing the most-needed pipleline cleaning, inspection and renewal services. We’re also valuable partners in:

  • Troubleshooting – Finding specific problems and diagnosing their causes in storm and sanitary sewer systems
  • Information – Staying current on leading edge technologies and techniques to remedy these issues
  • Education – Providing training and workshops for municipal managers and public works employees on the equipment and technologies they need to best maintain their systems
  • Consulting – Identifying realistic pipeline repair and replacement options for municipalities with limited budgets and constraints on time and acceptable distribution of their communities’ traffic and business
  • Implementation – Employing those options for the quickest, least disruptive resolution to the problem, while remaining job site safe and environmentally compliant

We also help public works, park & rec, and landfill managers

  • Corral storm water runoff issues
  • Mitigate I&I vs. treatment plant capacity struggles
  • Avoid fines and consent decrees by helping them stay compliant with runoff regulations

by lending our expertise to their planning, design, budget and maintenance implementation processes.

Pick up the phone to call or email us today, to let us know how we partner with you in your ongoing effort to serve your communities better.