Bryan Hage, President

Bryan is the third generation of Hages to run the family business. He grew up under the tutelage of his parents when they were at the helm, and took over later on. Bryan concentrates on business management aspects, including

Ongoing tweaking of resource allocation and logistics
Improving efficiency on challenging jobs
Continuing to build a more cohesive and effective technical team


Steve Hage, Vice President

Steve is Bryan’s father, who also grew up in the family business under his father, who founded the original company that has since morphed into APS Environmental Inc. Steve focuses on

Facility management
Personnel and site supervision


Eleshia Hall, Office Manager

Starting at APS Environmental in 2007 as a secretary, Eleshia quickly became indispensable in APS Environmental’s back office. Leveraging 12 years of customer relations experience, she moved quickly to dispatching and then began managing the office January, 2012. Eleshia handles

Human Resource
Customer service
Coordination of legal compliance


Dan Whitman, Field Specialist

Dan started as a field technician learning the ropes of the wastewater industry. He has proved to be an asset and enjoys growing with the company. He is now our reliable Field Specialist. He is certified to practice

Collection System Maintenance
Confined Space Entry



A key to APS Environmental’s success has been the maintenance of proper safety procedures within our operation to maintain accident prevention and hazard recognition. Because the work we do requires

usage of heavy, unwieldy or sharp tools
use of extremely high water pressure and vacuum suction with the potential to injure or become deadly if misused
entry into tight spaces where a worker could become stuck or worse

adequate training on proper and safe operation of gear, tools, equipment and vehicles remains a top priority for our company.



Both staff and management carry the following certifications. Though some are required by our industry, we actively seek out trainings that give us the confidence that we’re doing the best possible work, and to give our customers trust that we’ll do what needs done without causing additional problems.

Confined Space Certified.
 Certified in Collection System Maintenance, Grade 1
 Trained in safe and effective Hydro-Jetting techniques by the manufacturers of our equipment, NozzTeq and US Jetting
Enrolled in the BIT program that ensures compliance with California DOT vehicle maintenance regulations
Trained in OSHA regulated safety measures
Covered by an IIPP (Injury & Illness Prevention Program)


We gather for weekly safety meetings that cover O.S.H.A guidelines and discussion forums dealing with real life, on-the-job scenarios. We also hold quarterly technician training, and routinely take advantage of manufacturer training available during trade shows and traveling clinics to keep our staff as safe and environmentally compliant as possible.

Over the years, we have advanced our organization by implementing a strict focus on cleanliness and maintenance of our equipment, as well as injury and illness prevention. We have raised awareness of these important issues amongst our industry peers, and take pride in our safety and service record.