Sanitary T-Baffles

baffleSanitary T-baffles help separate large solids and floating tank scum in septic tanks and grease traps. The primary side of your tank already has one called the “inlet T-baffle,” and there is another one, the “outlet T-baffle,” on the secondary side of your tank. Both sanitary tees are designed the same, but each has a slightly different function.

The inlet T-baffle helps reduce agitation as waste enters the tank to avoid clogging. Without the Inlet T-baffle, the flow of incoming sewage would pour on top of the scum layer. This would harden to a film, disallowing new solids to settle and instead allowing them to build up on top of the tank. Before long, this would block incoming flow and cause it to back up into the main line.

Instead, the inlet T-baffle redirects the flow to enter the middle section of the tank, where waste is free to naturally separate. Heavy solids settle to the tank bottom, and light scum floats to the surface. The inlet baffle also reduces the movement of gases from the tank back through the pipelines into the building that it serves. If this happens, it can cause unpleasant odors and if left unchecked, can actually cause illness and dangerous conditions.

The outlet T-baffle blocks floating scum and debris from flowing out of the tank into the outlet line, where it would rapidly clog a septic system’s drain field. Buildup in the leach lines or drywells is detrimental to the life of any septic system, since it causes early failures and costly repairs. Businesses such as restaurants that are responsible for maintaining a grease trap have another strong motivation to keep their grease trap clean. If not maintained grease will flow through the T-baffle into the pipeline causing back ups and contamination into clean waterways such as rivers.

Mandated public health inspections are a fact of life in the hospitality field, and if an inspector finds that disallowed pollutants are entering our clean waterways through your poorly maintained grease trap, you could be hit with a code violation citation and its attendant costly fine.

APS Environmental, Inc. has designed preventative maintenance plans to protect your investment and our environment. If we find any part of your system isn’t operating as designed, we can repair or replace it, with parts such as these baffles. Call or email us for the details.

T-Baffle Filter Insert


bafflefilterThe EF-6 series filters we install remove solids down to 1/16 inch, and greatly extend the life of your septic system. Shown at the left is the EF-6 Combo, which includes

  • The standard length (14-inch rise) Sanitary T-Baffle™
  • The EF-6 Filter
  • The B4035 bushing for reducing the outlet from Sch. 40 to SDR35 pipe.
  • The Solids Deflector is molded in.
  • This Sanitary T-Baffle may also be used as an Inlet and Outlet Tee.