Leach Field Rejuvenation

Drain fields serve as a natural waste disposal system for homes not hooked up to city sanitary sewer systems. If your home or business is on a septic system, then you have a drain field. There are two types of drain fields:

  • Drywell – built in a vertical direction
  • Leach field – built horizontally

Each drain field is built with a bed of stone or gravel. Perforated pipe is laid atop this bed, then covered with soil. The water from your home flows through the septic system into a distribution box, which distributes the water into the drain field.

If the septic system has not been maintained properly over time, solids will eventually get pushed into the leach lines. There, they collect until they clog, causing the system to back up. This can permanently damage the drain field, in which case we recommend replacement.


Sometimes, however, a leach field can qualify for rejuvenation instead of replacement — a less costly approach when your system has failed. APS Environmental offers this service to our customers with septic systems. Here’s how it works:

  • A leach field test is part of your 10-point inspection during an APS Environmental septic cleaning.
  • Our technicians use high-pressure jetting to break down any heavy debris.
  • Then they add a powerful oxidizing agent to dissolve the buildup.

This simple process extends the life of your current septic system, it also helps you avoid a more costly leach field replacement.